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Split the Bucket

Fermoy RFC are excited to launch our new club fundraiser “Split the Bucket”. Congratulations to Aileen Fuller who won the last draw of 2022 held on Friday, 30th of December 2022. The first draw of 2023 is on Friday, 6th of January 2023 at 8pm live on the Fermoy RFC Facebook Page.

1 week entry for €5 - CLICK HERE 

5 week entry for €10 - CLICK HERE 

10 week entry for €20 - CLICK HERE 

6 month entry for €50 - CLICK HERE

12 month entry for €100 CLICK HERE

How it works:

Example: 200 weekly Split the Bucket Tickets sold @ €2 a ticket. This equates to €400 in the bucket and when split the winner collects €200 and the club raise €200.  Therefore, there is a guaranteed single winner every week as one ticket is drawn from the bucket.  

This weekly draw will form a significant part of our annual fundraising efforts. We encourage all of our friends and supporters both at home and abroad to play the Split the Bucket fundraiser. Your continued support is much appreciated, and we wish you good luck in future draws. TRY your luck, it could be you.